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Messenger is integrated into sidebar. As soon as there are messages, a red point with the number of messages is displayed next to the icon for opening the sidebar (three horizontal lines).
Using the onOffice Messenger you can quickly and comfortably establish direct contact with your estate agent colleagues or onOffice Support.


Estate Agent & Support Chat

Each user can join the “Estate Agent Chat”. Estate agents from all over the German-speaking region are chatting with each other. Often they can get helpful advices and tips from estate agents here. In the “Support Chat” the whole support team of onOffice AG is available. Here you can express your questions, issues and suggestions.

Search - Add user

With a click on “Search” button a search windows opens where you can enter some search parameters, such as messenger no., name, first name and town, to add your colleagues to the contact list.
By clicking on the waste bin behind the name you can delete the user from the contact list.


If other users are adding you to their contact list, you have to accept the request before you can communicate with each other. Users that are displayed in grey on your contact list are waiting for your approval.


Here the contacts are listed, which you have found and added using the search function. A green point in front of the name indicates that the user is online. If there is a red point behind the name, this user has sent a message to you and is awaiting your reply. If you click on the name, you start a chat with the respective user. The number within the red point indicates the number of received messages.


Next to the Messenger headline you can find the settings, where you can configure your messenger. However, default setting are recommended by us and usually do not require modification. Further settings can be done in your onOffice software under Extras >> Settings >> User >> Your User Name >> Basic Data. You can remove the check mark for “Visible in Messenger Search” to avoid that you can be found by other users under “Search”.

Status Indication

When you click on the green point next to the ‘Search’ button, onOffice Messenger will switch to offline mode. Offline mode purposes in this case that you are displayed as offline to other onOffice users. However, sending and receiving of messages is still possible.

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