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Statistics Tool Kit

Statistics are a possibility to evaluate work and processed. How are “Lead Times” of real estate? What and how many property types do I have in marketing? Was the promotion successful, did the ZIPs of owners change accordingly? ...

Questions of this kind can be answered using the onOffice Statistics Toolkit. You don’t need to export real estate or address data to evaluate it in another software.

For some of these questions we created default templates , for other you can create your own statistics accordingly .

Please note that the onOffice Statistics Module is a fee-based add-on module. Please contact your sales partner.

Statistics are displayed in Statistics Toolkit , which you can open using the corresponding button in the module bar. Statistics contained therein are with regard to the logged in user and only visible to him. Using templates you can pass on templates to others.

Older statistics that were populated with the Reporting add-on module can be opened as usual in the “Statistics” menu.

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